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Hollywood’s Oldest Working Actress Connie Sawyer Passes Away

Connie Sawyer passed away at the age of 105

Hollywood actress Connie Sawyer has died at the age of 105 after a career spanning six decades that saw her work with huge names, including Frank Sinatra, Meg Ryan, and Sophie Tucker. Called as Hollywood’s oldest working actress Connie Sawyer passed away over the weekend at the at a retirement home for elderly people in the acting industry at Motion Picture & Television Country House in Woodland Hills, LA, a spokesperson for the care home confirmed the sad news last night.

About Connie Sawyer

Connie was born as Rosie Cohen on November 27, 1912 and has more than 140 TV and film credits to her name. She began her career in entertainment at the age of 8. From Sophie Tucker to Frank Sinatra to James Franco, she continued to work until recently.Sawyer earned a legion of new fans as Franco’s grandmother in ‘Pineapple Express’ (2008).

Connie Sawyer passed away at the age of 105

She has numerous TV credits which span six decades. This includes ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’, ‘Hawaii Five-O’, ‘Dynasty’, ‘Seinfeld’, ER, New Girl, ‘Will & Grace’, and Starsky And Hutch among others. She landed her first film role at the age of 49, playing a drunk Miss Wexler in 1959’s A Hole in the Head opposite Frank Sinatra and Edward G. Robinson. She’d impressed Sinatra while appearing in the stage version of the comedy, and he insisted she is given a part in the film.

Connie Sawyer passed away at the age of 105

Connie never lusted after huge roles, saying once:

 “I never really wanted to be a star. It’s a business with me. I like to keep workin’. Just keep me workin’’— and let me get the residuals.”

Connie Sawyer passed away at the age of 105

She appeared on The Jay Leno Show at the age of 100.Her last role was in 2014’s Entanglement, a short film based at an independent living facility for the elderly, in which she played Rose.In the years before her death, Connie had also appeared in the TV series Ray Donovan, Lovesick, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Connie Sawyer
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Hollywood's oldest actress Connie Sawyer passes away