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Gwyneth Paltrow will give Marriage another chance with Beau Brad


Gwyneth Paltrow announces her engagement on the cover of a Magazine.


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The Duo is on the cover of Goop’s second issue. The Sex & Love issue has the Gwyneth featured in a candid interview. The issue hit the stands on Tuesday.

Gwyneth Paltrow has burned her hand once in marriage. She was married to Chris Martin, they split in 2014. She started dating Brad Falchuk after that. The couple has been together for four years now.

Chris is rumored to be dating the Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson. Dakota’s new film Fifty Shades Freed is all set to release in February.

Gwyneth has been really candid about a lot of issues in the interview. Mentioning the troubles faced in relationship She expressed that.

“Personally, at midlife, I have tried to accept how complex romantic love can be,”

Explaining her decision she adds

 “I have decided to give it a go again, not only because I believe I have found the man I was meant to be with, but because I have accepted the soul-stretching, pattern-breaking opportunities that (terrifyingly) are made possible by intimacy.”

Her Divorce or the “Conscious Uncoupling,” a phrase that was widely used during the time. Gwyneth said that it took time for her to get used to the split.

“This used to feel like a failure; it took me a while to reframe that divorce isn’t a failure,”

Since the issue deals in intimacy, She had to shed some details about her current relationship.

“For the first time, I feel like I’m in an adult relationship that is sometimes very uncomfortable – because he sort of demands a certain level of intimacy and communication that I haven’t been held to before.”

Accepting that her previous relationship affected this one is the start She adds,

“What came up in the first couple of years of our relationship was how incapable I was in this realm – how I feared intimacy and communication.”

Modern family

In November, Gwyneth Paltrow has posted a picture of her ex Chris and current Brad. Accompanied by #modern family.

Looks like things are good for Gwyneth from every Perspective.

Sunday brunch #modernfamily

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We hope everything remains the same as well. All the Best.