Why we Wear Black
Ladies in Solidarity at the red carpet of Golden Globes 2018

The Women and Men wore Black on Golden Globes 2018 Red Carpet and told everyone # Why we Wear Black

Award Functions are usually a time to celebrate. But when the occasion is followed and viewed by millions it becomes an easy place to spread awareness.

Golden Globes 2018 became one such platform, we have reported earlier that Golden Globes’ red carpet would be dominated with black. But the Red would be covered only with Black(except a few exceptions) was unexpected.

The Leading ladies of Hollywood came forward with #timeup to protect women against sexual harassment and decided to wear black as a color of solidarity. They also requested fellow attendees to do so and so they did.

Before we go ahead lets listen from the ladies itself #Why we Wear Black

Why we Wear Black

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Natalie Portman has given her full support to times up now. In fact it looks like her official Instagram page is dedicated and created for this purpose only.

Shailene Woodley and Calina Lawrence also posted a video spreading the awareness.


While some posted Videos other posted these pictures to spread awareness and showing their solidarity before the Golden Globes event even started.

Do Note the T- Shirt which was part of Times up now kit. Almost all of them wore similar T-shirt while they are getting dressed and shared their pictures.

The Gang

A Black and white of the ladies wearing Black in Solidarity.


A lot of Support has been pouring in from the opposite sex as well. Those who believe in the cause are standing with the ladies, by giving their endless support and appreciation.

Shailene Woodley loves her man more now as he supported her through Face time. Now that’s a true supporter.


The New Yorker Cartoons also came in with full artistic support. The highest award grossing movie of Golden Globes Three Billboards Outside Ebbing is linked with this event. Very aptly as the film is based on sexual harassment and injustice. We sure do need these three Billboards.

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A cartoon by @coreyartpandolph. #TNYcartoons

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Who Couldn’t make it 

While Jennifer Lopez was in Puerto Rico, she sent across a special message. A message of Solidarity from wherever you are.

She wore all black along with her Partner and sent her love, appreciation and support to one and all. In fact most of the ladies has shared J lo’s video as a token of gratitude towards her.

Anne Hathaway couldn’t make it to the red carpet due to her health. But she sure did make it a point to show her solidarity with a sick selfie all dressed in black.

The Times up Pin

Given to everyone as the part of The Times up now kit, this pin was one of the Favorite accessory of the evening. Almost everyone sported with pride. Have a look


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Freddie Highmore, at golden globes 2018

Nick Jonas, at golden globes 2018

Robert Pattison and Emma Watson at Golden Globes 2018

The Pin was also sported by ladies….

The Speech Memes

Often the acceptance speeches given by the stars have become into inspiration quotes for all of us. The Inspiring speech by Oprah  has already been developed into quotes and spreading like fire. Also see the truthful speech by Frances McDormand.

A Preview of Oprah’s Speech.

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All of them indeed looks in complete Solidarity. We hope that this 2018 event marks as the revolution. Dear Ladies we also pledge our support to this movement.

But Did this hinder the fashion quotient that usually happens at the Red Carpet, well of course not our ladies do know how to be fashionable in solidarity. Here’s our special post to show you the same.