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Fifty Shades Freed Releases “For You” by Liam Payne and Rita Ora

Fifty Shades Freed - For You
Fifty Shades Freed - For You

As the first week of the New Year is about to end, the countdown of Fifty Shades Freed has started.

The last installment of Fifty Shades series is stated to release on February 9. A brand new track by Rita Ora and Liam Payne is released today.

The Makers of Fifty Shaded of Freed, Rita and Payne has been teasing the fans with sneak peaks of the song.

The Teasers

By the Makers:

By Rita and Liam

And today the much awaited song has finally been released.. here have a preview.


Fifty Shades of Freed has been busy since Christmas. As the day of release is approaching, the teasers are coming our way. Visuals of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) special moments are being released in regular intervals. 

Rita Ora is not just singer for the franchise but portrays the role of Mia Grey in the series as well. Naturally her excitement level is immense.

Well, not exactly this but our reactions for ‘For You’ is similar. We are humming the song already :

“Waiting for a lifetime for you / Been breaking for a lifetime for you,” the pair sing in the song. “Wasn’t looking for love ’till I found you / Ooh na-na ayy, for love, ’till I found you.”

The Movie series of Fifty Shades have received mixed reactions from the fans. Apparently, the theme song usually becomes the hot favorite in an instant.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Love Me like you do

The Love Me like You Do song by Ellie Goulding in the first installment had been an instant hit. In fact it still remains favorite of many.

Fifty Shades of Darker – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever repeated the record of the first song. In fact this song went on to win quite a lot of awards and accolades.

Fifty Shades Freed – “For You”

This song has just released and is widely loved by audiences already.

Whether this song will have a fate similar to others is unknown. But one thing is for sure it has increased are anxiety for the film.

There are still days till February 9 and we are waiting for more teasers from dako.