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Conflicting parenting styles, Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie ‘At War’.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been more and more in the headlines since their divorce because of clashes in their extremely different parenting styles. Brad Pitt, 54 and Angelina Jolie, 42 together have a gang of 6 kids. And now that they are growing up both the parents have different ideologies in bringing them up which was in fact the reason behind their divorce. According to a source close to the family:

“Brad and Angelina have been at war over how to raise their many children. Angelina continues to drag the kids to red carpets, award shows, and extravagant trips around the world while Brad has been doing the opposite. While Angelina treats the children like her best friends and takes them on dates to her award show appearances, Brad has been trying to instill in his children the wholesome, humble, midwest values he grew up learning.”

Different background of parents brings different styles of upbringing.

The opposite opinions in bringing up the children comes from their different background of their own upbringing. While Angelina tries to be friend to the children and taking them along to events and parties, Brad Pitt on the other side wants his kids to be very humble and protects them from coming to the limelight.

Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie ‘At War’

Why is Brad Angry?

According to a source close to the family,

“Everytime Brad sees another picture in the press of Angelina and the kids, he quietly fumes while and he doubles his energy to provide the children with a quiet, peaceful, normal life,TheIr opposite opinions on raising their children, in and out of the spotlight, is a big reason behind their divorce and it is why the former power couple are still at war today.”

Recently we have seen Angelina Jolie at Golden Globes with son Pax on January 7. Though Brad Pitt was very furious and annoyed about it just 2 days later she was spotted with daughters Zahara and Shiloh at the NYC Gala on Jan 9. We just hope soon they will come to a balance in their poles apart parenting styles.!