Home Celebs Chrissy Teigen topless pictures of “Lip Sync Battle” out on social media.

Chrissy Teigen topless pictures of “Lip Sync Battle” out on social media.


You all love Chrissy Teigen queen of social media, her fans want to know about her each and every moment what she is cooking and what movie she is watching. Now 31 years old pregnant showing off how she is getting her chest makeup for season premiere of “Lip Sync Battle” on January 18. Chrissy Teigen topless pictures are out on Snap chat where she is holding her breasts while covering up her nipples as a woman applies makeup to sides of her b**bs. She wrote on the picture:

“Tricks of the trade”

A black piece of clothe helping her to hide her baby bump she shows her sexy legs on the picture.

Chrissy expecting

The sports illustrate swimsuit model is waiting her second child with her husband John Legend (39 years old), the new baby will make her daughter Luna a big sister. We told you that she shares everything, she told about her fertility struggles and how the couple has to go through IVF to have kids. She revealed that after their first daughter they are expecting their second child as a boy. But Chrissy and John has not revealed officially the sex of their baby. But her fans are waiting for this good news either it is boy or girl.

“Lip Sync Battle” 4th season

The fourth season of “Lip Sync Battle” debut on January 18 was epic. It is going to feature a Michael Jackson celebration and Laverne Cox (45 years old), Neil Patrick Harris (44 years old) , Hailee Steinfeld ( 21 years old) and Taraji P. Henson ( 47 years old) was giving their performances in all songs by the late King of Pop. This is not on Spike TV because the channel is now known as the Paramount Network.