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After injury recovery Carrie Underwood new song ‘I am invincible’ teaser is out.


A clip of Carrie Underwood new song ‘I am invincible’ is launched during Sunday Night Football on January 7 and it’s our first taste of new music from the singer since she injured her face in a scary fall last November. Everybody was so excited to watch the new song teaser.

Carrie Under wood has not let a broken wrist and some stitches stop her from creating amazing music. She falls at home and for less than two month she was facing pain. She uploads her new song on Instagram January 7. This clip premiered in a commercial during Sunday Night Football.

The title of this track was not revealed and also it was not clear that it will be featured on an upcoming album. It was specially recorded for the Carrie’s deal for Football. Lyrics of this song are “I am invincible, unbreakable, unstoppable, unshakable”.

Back in November, the American idol revealed that she fell at her home and suffered with a wrist surgery. She wrote detailed blog post how serious she was when she fall, her face was also injured and got 40-50 stitches. The injury has left her “not quiet looking the same”. She explained:

“I am determined to make 2018 amazing and I want to share things with you along the way,” she added. “And when I am ready to get in front of a camera, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different.”

Carrie in Gym

40-50 stitches but Carrie Underwood still looks great. The country singer was spotted at a gym in mid-December looking as pretty as ever.She has not shared her face photo till now but she tells about her injuries a photo of the singer post-fall did surface online. It was shared by Below Deck star Adrienne Gang, who met Carrie at a gym in December after some time her injury. Adrienne admitted that she did not notice anything on her face this is clear that picture show our face like that which we used to.