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Cardi B excuses fiancée Offset cheating on her for the 8 carat engagement ring.


The American Rapper Cardi B, 25 is putting out a message that she overlooks the cheating allegations put on the fiance Offset, 26 who is also a Rapper because he has given her a huge diamond engagement ring.

Allegations on Offset.

Since their engagement in Oct 2017, Offset has been a part of two sex tapes with two different women. Another allegation comes from Celina Powell that Offset got her pregnant. However she seems to ignoring everything just because of the eight carat diamond on her finger.

The former Love and Hip Hop star told Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga that

“Yesterday I did a love song and while I was doing the verse I just kept thinking about a couple of months back when me and [scrunches her mouth to hint Offset] wasn’t on really good terms so I was getting really pissed off and really emotional and then I was like ‘who cares, I got a ring’. Ya know what I mean?”

Cardi B is such a talented girl and with such a huge fan following where there are people who look her as their role model this attitude towards fiancé Offset doesn’t really justify. And guess what this is not the first time when Cardi B looks down upon feminism. In New Years Eve in New York City she told her audience that in 2018 if you are not in school and you do not have a job then you should get a Sugar Daddy. This is prostitution without walking on Streets. Sounds yak doesn’t it.

Cardi B excuses Offset

 She vowed to be a better role model just a month back.

The statement was distressing specially when just a month ago in November she promised to be a better example.  In an Instagram video she said,

“I realized, after Halloween, a lot of little girls, they be looking up to me.They love me and I’m thinking to myself, like, Yo, I really need to be a better example.”

However her words and action really do not match. Specially when she is advising to have sex with rich old man or blindfolding. Herself towards the actions of fiancé Offset. Beware gals before having someone as your role model!



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