Brooklynn Prince
Brooklynn Prince at 23rd Critics' Choice Award

Brooklynn Prince, the 7-year-old star won the Critics’ Choice Award 2018 for Best Young Actress. Brooklynn is the star of The Florida Project.

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The Film

Over the course of a Single summer, the Movie follows a six-year-old Moonee played by Brooklynn Prince. She lives with her rebellious mother Halley played by Bria Vinai.

Living week to week at a budget hotel “The Magic Castle.” Bobby played by Willem Dafoe manages the place. As any six year would Moonee makes each day a celebration. She spends her time with her fellow friends planning mischief and adventures.

One thing Moonee doesn’t realize, is what her mother has to go through to provide for her.

The Speech

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“Wow, this is such a big honor,” she whimpered on stage, while accepting the award. “All the nominees are great, you guys are awesome, we can all go get ice cream after this.”

She managed to make everyone laugh and cry at the same time, quite a feat.

“God, I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity, and I would like to thank Sean (the Director) for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be his Moonee,” Brooklynn continued. 

The Kid also managed to draw everyone’s attention towards the underlying problem of kids like Moonee in the film.

“I would like to dedicate this award to all the Moonees out there. Guys, this is a real problem. You need to go out there and help. Thank you so much.”

In the season of Acceptance speeches Brooklynn Prince has managed to make a mark. Checking all the ingredient for a good speech; comedy, gratitude and social message.

In the same award function Gal Gadot won a special award #SeeHer and gave an inspirational speech. Although the highlight up till now and probably for the year would be Oprah’s Speech at Golden Globes 2018. After all it is Oprah.

We wish Little Brooklynn all the best for her future. It is surely gonna be a bright one by the looks of it.