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After Blake Griffin injury he and Kendall Jenner are afraid about his NBA future.


Blake Griffin (28 years old) LA Clippers star has been injured his injury affect his career and he is out of play once again. On January 6 Golden State Warriors he gets injured after accidentally elbowed in the head. He and his girlfriend Kendall Jenner (22 years old) are terrified how it will affect his NBA career. Now Blake Griffin injury has become a big concern for a team of doctors because he is scared with the concussion. But it is not anything he wanted to be happen because he has been injured it is big tragedy with his carrier. Then with Kendall she is very concerned still because she does not want to see her man hurt.

What Kendall wants

Kendall want to be with Blake at any cost but she also know that he has to go through his own thing to get better because this is the question of his career. It is very dangerous situation but they are getting through it as best as they can.When the opponent team player JaVale McGee accidentally hit Blake in the forehead he fell down and later was taken out of the ground due to severe pain. Then he had been taken to the locker room for treatment. Now he is not allowed to play and he will not play until he is completely fit and recover from the injury.

Blake’s MCL sprained

Blake is the Clippers top scorer and he want to come back soon this is his second injury of this season. In November 2017 he suffered from sprained MCl in his left knee which kept him benched for two months. That injury raises the question, is Kardashian  curse is going real for him and his career.