And The Grand Finale of The Big Boss Kannada Season 5 hosted by Superstar Kuldeep has started. It’s a close competition between Jayaram Karthik, Diwakar and Chandan Shetty. Who be the Winner?

9:55pm :And just now Jayaram Karthik has been eliminated. The fight is now between a celebrity and a commoner.

10:45pm : Sudeep is in the house. The doors are locked and the Lights turned off. It’s now the time for the big announcement. And the winner for the Big Boss Kannada Season 5 is Chandan Shetty. Finally The Rapper Chandan Shetty wins 50 lacs prize money.

Grand Finale aired on Colors TV today 7 pm onwards.

Big Boss Kannada Season 5 Grand Finale

The Season 5 Finale of the popular TV show The Big Boss Kannada has already started to be aired on Colors TV. The show hosted by the Kannada Superstar, Sudeep has come to a close competition between the final 3 contestants- Diwakar, Chandan Shetty and Jayaram Karthik. Outliving all the other contestants they have successfully survived for 100 days in the Big Boss House.

Saturday Elimination.

Yeaterday, Diwakar, Shruti Prakash and Nivedita Godwa were in the danger Zone. However by the end of the show based on the audience polls, Shruti and Nivedita were eliminated and Diwakar joined Chandan Shetty and Jayaram Karthik for the Finale. On Saturday Sudeep has thrown a grand party for all the contestants. The winner of the Big Boss Kannada Season 5 will be announced tonight.

Big Boss Kannada Season 5 details.

The 5th season of the Big Boss Kannada kick started on 15th October 2017 with 17 contestants. 11 of the 17 contestants were celebrities while the remaining 6 were commoners who were picked up from various parts of Kannada through auditions.  It was for the first time in the history of Big Boss Kannada that the comonners were allowed to live with the celebrities and perform in the tasks with and against them. Of the 5 finalists left Chandan Shetty, Karthik Jayaram and Shruti Prakash were celebrity contestants where as Diwakar and Nivedita Godwa were commoners who made their place in the house through auditions. Today Diwakar is competing with Chandan Shetty and Karthik Jayaram for the finals.

Lets see if the commoner can beat the 2 celebrity contestants in the Grand Finale? Results to be out soon.