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Bella Thorne caught wearing a bare Bra in her messy room, while reaching for a Suspicious Cigarette.


This is very instant in Bella Thorne’s picture having a neat and tidy bedroom is shown but not intended of showing her bra picture, this was not Bella Thorne’s New Year’s intention. The burning red head is back at it again causing a stir on social media when she reaching for cigarettes from someone’s hand her pose in a sexy black bra. In this picture she captioned:

“Gimmie dat thing so I don’t have to clean my room…”

Either she is celebrating 1 January in California or taken up the super gross habit of smoking, or she was just only  doing a puff on anything.

How Messy Bella Thorne’s room

The Famous in Love actress is anything but in her picture background is messy. Girl if you cannot clean it, so you hire a housekeeper. Because there is no space in her room to move, and it is littered with shoes, plastic bins and clothes. Well at least we know she definitely does not have OCD to live in a junk-strewn room. But at least her walls are pink and pretty.

Comments on Bella Thorne’s Picture

This is very interesting it wasn’t her nearly bare boobs or the possible wacky tobacky that had fans troubled — it was her filthy bedroom. She had commented to the photo in:

 “Bella.. Sweetie… Please clean that room,” “You have no idea how bad I want to organize your house. I get high off that sh*t lol,” and “Please let me clean your room”


One user named Liyah even said that she is going to use this picture for her parents and they think her room is not messy.