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Bella Thorne’s Montecito Mudslides tweet criticised.


Actor Rob Lowe slams Bella Thorne, 20 for her tweet complaining about the heavy traffic due to the Montecito Mudslides saying she was missing her boyfriends first date on tour as she was unable to get there. Bella seems to be unupdated as to how deadly the Mudslides were claiming how many lives. However Bella Thorne doesn’t seem to be sorry for her insensitive tweet.

A source close to Bella said:

“Bella has already explained that she had no idea how crazy the mudslides were, and that people had actually died, so she has no intention of issuing an apology,”

A source close to Bella EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com

“Bella genuinely didn’t know about the deaths, and she feels terrible that she’s being portrayed as some kind of heartless celeb-brat, because that’s far from what she really is. At the same time though, Bella can’t help feeling that people need to chill the f**k out, it’s like these days everyone is trawling social media purposely trying to find something to turn into an ‘outrage’. She wasn’t aware how serious the situation was, she’s made that clear, so people need to just move on now and let it go.”

Bella unaware of the deadly situation at the time of first Tweet.

     Bella Thorne’s Montecito Mudslide tweet

Bella might not have been aware of the tweet in which she claimed to have missing his boyfriend due to the deadly traffic which spread like a fire into outrage of fans feeling her to be insensitive. However Bella later clarified tweeting again that she just turned on the news and that she had no idea why the free way was shut down. She also wished her followers to get home safely to their families.

Bella’s words of well wishes to her fans surely comes at a time when they need it the most. May all those affected by the deadly mudslides be blessed with healing energies.