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America Ferrara announces her Pregnancy in her Español style

America and Ryan

America Ferrara and Ryan Piers Williams wished their fans New Year with a great news. The couple indeed showed a great sense of humor while wishing New Year’s and announcing their Pregnancy as well.

The couple shared a photo on their Instagram wearing 2018 glasses. Ryan holds a smile while America is happily pouting and  holding a onesie.


The onesie has an MásBesos written over it along with por favor under it. MásBesos and por favor are both Spanish words that  loosely translates into more kisses please.

The couple happily explains in their post that in 2018 they will have one more face to kiss. Same picture is shared by the baby daddy saying that its time for Making room for new and beautiful things to come in 2018!

It is actually one of the cutest way of announcing a good news. Happy 2018 to the couple and to baby besos as well.

America Ferrara has been busy otherwise also, by participating in #Timeup, an initiative by 300 powerful women of Hollywood to stop sexual harassment. see more here

A long list of celebrities have recently announced their pregnancies and are flaunting their baby bumps. Check Khloe Kardashian and Eva Longoria flaunting there baby bumps here.

Although quite a few are beating around the bush and still not confirming or denying there pregnancies. Check out why Kylie’s fans are angry from her.

All in All we are very very Happy for America Ferrera and Ryan’s announcement. Especially ecstatic with the way they did it.