Aly Raisman says Times Up, to USA Gymnastics for enabling Larry Nassar
Aly Raisman says Times Up, to USA Gymnastics for enabling Larry Nassar

Larry Nassar is sentenced for 175 years and Aly Raisman is not ready to put things to rest just yet. She says USA Gymnastics is equally responsible as they enabled him.

It took Seven painful days for the victims of Larry Nassar to present their Victim Impact Statement. After all their was more than 150 victims to testify against him. Notable gymnasts like Aly RaismanJordyn Wieber, McKayla Maroney was unfortunately part of the list.  .

The Interview

Aly Raisman, expressed her anger towards authorities in an Interview with View today. She believes that Nassar deserves a life behind bars, bu her work is not over yet.

But my work and the army of survivors, we’re not done yet. We still have to hold these organizations accountable. United States Olympic CommitteeUSA GymnasticsMichigan State University — they enabled this monster. They took his side over us for so long.”

“From the moment that we realized that Larry was a monster, we continually followed up with USA Gymnastics to make sure they reported it to the authorities — and they told us that they had,” 

Aly Raisman, did what she was suppose to but unfortunately the authorities didn’t do the same.

 “But I regret trusting them. They said, ‘we’re handling this,’ and they made me feel like if I kept reaching out, I was going to interfere with the investigation.”

The 23 year old demands an independent investigation against the Monster.

 “because USA Gymnastics, United States Olympic Committee, Michigan State University, they enabled this and they didn’t handle it right — and we need to get to the bottom of it,”

“We’re minors too. We should have never ever been alone with him. He would actually come to my hotel room; work on me on my bed. And so USA Gymnastics knew about this because they were too cheap to have a different facility where we would go to get therapy.”

At the end of the Interview Aly Raisman very aptly pronounces that the Times up for all those who enable abusers as well.

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Aly Raisman says Times Up, to USA Gymnastics for enabling Larry Nassar