Home Entertainment Is Travis Abandoning a Pregnant Kylie?

Is Travis Abandoning a Pregnant Kylie?

Is Travis Abandoning a Pregnant Kylie?
Is Travis Abandoning a Pregnant Kylie?

Kardashians Kardashians Kardashians Kardashians – We can’t believe them but we still can’t leave them.

Although, Kylie Jenner doesn’t have Kardashian as her surname; but she surely got the genes. Her aptitude to create or fall into a controversy is just the same.

After the recent announcement of her sister Khloe pregnancy, Kylie’s fans have been in a chaos demanding her conformation about her Pregnancy. The gossip mongrel has decreed that she is 5 months pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott. Even the gender is revealed by the gossipers – It’s a Girl!!!!

Currently, whether she is pregnant or not is not officially known. But another Gossip is making the rounds of the Couple’s break up. The reason for break up is also said to be ‘the pregnancy and the baby’. It seems Travis 25, is not ready for a child and doesn’t want to alter his Lifestyle.

The current tiff between the couple is because of Travis’ s recent party with the strippers. Well according to the reports that have surfaced the Pregnant Kylie Jenner is really tensed about their future. If the current habits continue he would not be able to take care of either Kylie or the baby. The current status is that Travis have walked out after a heated argument between the Two.

It looks like all of them are in competition to create Top news or shall we say Top Controversies. We have already covered two top kardashians news:

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Fans are worried about Kylie

The best part (if we can call it that) is that the pregnancy nor the break up is confirmed as of yet, but the fans are already tensed about the 20 year being a single mom. Kylie certainly has a lot of experienced women roaming around her Mother, Kris Jenner and her three elder sisters. Taking into account Khloe’s pregnancy and Kim’s 3rd kid through surrogacy, if Kylie is Pregnant her kid would definitely have a lot of company.

we will surely update you whether the stories are true or not. For now let’s hope all goes well for the Kardashians and the Jenners.