Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry
Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry

Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry – With lots of love, a little hatred is sure to come your way. Looks like our girl Taylor receives loves by dozen if her long list of rifts are any indication. This particular time our attention is towards Bad Blood vs. Swish Swish, .

To be fare the opponent Katy is also known for her oh so very ‘Kaattyy’ moments. We guess Its casual and necessary to have a Little War and Little Love here and there in the lives of our pop star or where will we get our next favorite song from.

According to sources it’s the time of truce between in the battle of Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry. The ‘Look what you made me’ do singer is working with Rapper Future for her next Video in Miami.  A lot of viewers who saw the surfaced video in which Taylor is dancing with her back up dancers;  observed a peculiar thing that one of the background dancers looks quite similar to our lady Katy Perry.

Speculations have been going around since then, that the Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry feud might be shifting to back burner and these two may reconcile.

When Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry Started 

Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry
While all was Friendly

Although there was just casual friendship before, the two used to share some tweets over the years. But the Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry wagon started way back in 2012, when three dancers from Katy’s tour of California Dreams became part of Taylor’s Red world tour. All things went bitchy when these Dancers quit Taylor’s tour and joined Katy’s Prism – 2013 tour.

This all may sound quite minute for a feud this long. But Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry surfaced stronger than ever in 2014 with an interview to The Rolling Stone Magazine.  The Bad Blood hit maker expressed her discomforting relationship with a fellow celebrity. In fact, it is said that Bad blood was based on Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry feud (bad blood) indirectly off course. The finger the song pointed directly to Katy and she retaliated with a Tweet “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.”

Well this is Hollywood and Taylor Swift and Katy Perry….. Nothing seems to come to an end. Taylor said some than Katy replied some and the Bad blood got darker and darker. In May 2017, Katy released Swish Swish with Nicki Minaj (who was also the part of this controversy at some time) that is said to be her next pawn in the game of Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry.

In July 2017, Katy says that she is ready to bury the Hatchet if Taylor agrees. Although Taylors snipe reference to Katy in her ‘looks what you made me do’ video in August 2017 did not feel like Tay – Tay agrees.

Coming back to Katy’s supposed appearance in Taylor Swift’s new video, is this the end of Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry. Will Katy be soon joining the Taylor’s Squad? Or have we misread the whole situation and the backup dancer is just another example of Taylor Swift’s cheekiness of in directly referencing Katy Perry. So is Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry – a new Beginning or soon to be Ancient History ??

Let us know, what are your takes on the situation and we will surely keep you updated.