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Selena Gomez broke her Mother’s heart for her relation with Justin Bieber.

selena and justin

Justin Bieber had broken Selena Gomez’s heart, so this is obvious that her family does not agree with her to go back with her ex one. Her mother Mandy Teefy 41 years old was admitted in hospital due to stress and now two of them are following each other on Instagram. Selena is heartbroken as her relation with Justin is creating problems in her family and mother. She feels like she is being forced to choose between her mother and her heart. Despite all good and bad Selena love Justin for many years, she still loves him because they have lived together for a long time. A close source to the “Bad Lair” singer tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Selena is trying to make her mother understand that Justin is now matured and changed, but her mother says no to her relation with Justin. Selena know very well that her mother is trying to keep her safe.

“Selena is struggling to get her mother to understand that how much Justin has grown, matured and changed. But Mandy refuses to keep an open mind about Selena’s future with Justin. Selena feels like she is being forced to choose between being in love with Justin and making her family happy. Selena knows that her mom is doing her best to protect her, but it still doesn’t feel good that Selena’s relationship with Justin is creating so much anxiety for her family,” our insider adds.


This is very bad that Selena decided to not follow her mother, when Mandy is facing tough and emotional hard time, despite all drama that Justin has bought to the family. On December 17, she confine a sad post on Instagram about miscarriage of her daughter in 2011, she wrote a mother love their children is pretty fierce. Mandy also post a picture of her as a teen mom holding baby Selena, as well as a picture of the singer with her hand on her mom’s pregnant belly before she miscarried Scarlett. We hope that Selena and her mother can work things out, especially with the holidays coming up.