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Kylie Jenner cover of Love Magazine and Kris’s Christmas Pictures are making Fans Angry

Where is Kylie Jenner
Where is Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is proving to be the Best Secret Keeper of all. She faces, meets Paparazzi day in and day out, making it extremely difficult to maintain a Secret. But what we all must agree that she is pretty good at it.

There are tons of question that the Media and the Fans would like  the  answers for. But there is this one major question that somehow isn’t answered at all.

Is She Pregnant???

No one is confirming it and no one is denying it. Keeping us in suspense has surely garnered a lot of enthusiasm in her fans regarding the news of her pregnancy. Last we reported a Rift between Kylie and Beau Travis Scott over Kid – Is Travis abandoning a Pregnant Kylie

But is Kylie Jenner even Pregnant?  Baring that this is one of the favorite technique of Kardashian/Jenner’s  to keep audiences hooked to them.. We think Christmas would have been the perfect time for our answers.


The lip Kit Mogul Kylie Jenner treated her fans with a picture of her special Cover page for Love Magazine. Kylie can be seen wearing a oversize Red Sweater with Red Lipstick.

Fans in a Dilemma 

Of course her fans are happy with her cover and it’s perfect timing for a Christmas gift. They also agree the Red colour and the Sweater do brings in the warmth and Holiday cheers. But then it did not answers there most potent questions


The 20 year old’s fans have been hooked on to any or every news from the kardashian clan to affirm her pregnancy.Seems like all they want is a simple answer to a question that they are tired of asking. They are now agitated fro the confirmation, the gossips, the news and Kylie’s Sudden love for Oversize Sweaters is surely getting on their nerves.

All in the Family

The Cover is Shot by Kendall Jenner and the Interview is taken by Kylie’s Mother herself – Kris Jenner, so we believe there might be some insights that we are looking for.

Although they are also masters of keeping the flame of controversies as long as they could. The lines written by Momma Jenner raises more questions than ever. Have a look at an excerpt published along with the cover of Love magazine cover by love magazine’s Instagram Account – “I was just trying to keep up with myself. All businesses, every company, makes little mistakes here and there. Growing it in front of so many people all of a sudden was kind of hard.”

Kylie Jenner missing From Christmas Pictures

More Interestingly, Kylie Jenner is conveniently missing from the 25 days of Christmas pictures that Kris Jenner has been sharing as a part of christmas countdown with photographer Eli Russell Linnetz. Everybody from the clan has been featured at least once except Kylie. Not even her now a days regular Portrait poses

DAY 25 ???? Merry Christmas!!

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Well!!! Is she Pregnant or not? we don’t have an answer but we surely know how agitated you guys might feel.

Mean while Kylie is perfecting her families trick  for controversies those Sweaters, those beauty Shots and those encrypted messages could have been fuel for an invalid vehicle to maintain her popularity. Or they might be the breadcrumbs she was throwing our way to maintain our attention while she finally comes out with the happy news.

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Whatever the case, hoping we get our answers by the new years!!