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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West to take Divorce After their Surrogate Baby Born?


This is very sad that Kim Kardashian 37 years old, announced her relationship end with her husband Kanye West, 40 years old. She is fighting since kanye’s Frightful November 2016 breakdown, and she said that she didn’t find light in the end of the dig. According to a close colleague who spoke to Star Magazine, “Between his ego and attitude, Kanye has been a total train wreck”.  He also said that “Kim was stressed but she getting her two babies with her without telling Kanye. She wants to stay there but she just takes it anymore”.

Poor Kim, we can’t think that to have a family member how hard it is for her, especially when your husband is going through such a huge health scare. Obviously she is stressed if they are really going to have divorce, so all the things are gone be crazy. She reputedly does not want any moves after their surrogate born child. She is totally fine as a single mother raising the little one, she is Kim Freckling Kardashian.

The colleague said that their divorce will be all-out war. Kim said to Kanye to sign a “mid-nuptial agreement” to protect her asset. The KUWTK Empire, KKW beauty, Kanye’s music and Kim’s various deals, it could be a $1billion divorce.

According to a source she is unhappy and dishearten by this decision because she still loves him. But they may do divorce, this is so sad as we learned from a source. The source told us that Kim and Kanye still happily talked about her new little sister including daughter North West. This is true that they are in problems, so at least they’re putting on a united front for their little ones.