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Triston Thompson’s tweet after Khloe Kardashian pregnancy news is what we call True Love.

We are thinking that you have heard thrilling news about Khloe Kardashian, she confirmed that she is pregnant with Triston Thompson child. Now he also commented on the image “my love thank you for make me the part of your life and to permit me to share with you this auspicious moment”. He also wrote now you are looking better.


KoKo break the news, she post on Instagram with Triston and her growing tummy. She captioned on the image that “my special dream”. I had been waiting we are having a baby but god already plan all along. I simply trust on him because he knew what he was doing, I can’t believe that our love is creating a life. Tristan thank you for loving me as you do and treated me like a queen.




She shared that image in which a ring also featured we could not ignore this. It’s 2 diamond bands on her left ring finger, after that her fans thinking about that is she slyly announced that they will get marry soon. But she didn’t assure this in her post, all this is just a speculation.