Home News and Gossip Jennifer Lawrence give Children’s Hospital a Visit and Kris Jenner a Porsche

Jennifer Lawrence give Children’s Hospital a Visit and Kris Jenner a Porsche

Jennifer Lawrance
Jennifer Lawrance

Jennifer Lawrence Indeed has a big heart and a bigger sense of humor. The Oscar award winning actress is known for her philanthropist ways and her witty sense of humor. This Christmas we saw both sides of the ‘Mother!” actress.

Visit to Children’s Hospital 

Norton Children’s Hospital of Louisville has a regular visitor during Christmas. Jennifer Lawrence has been visiting her Hometown hospital for past Five Years. The Hospital happily shared pictures on their Instagram Page.

The Actress reportedly donated $2 Million to the hospital last year for Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. We guess this Jennifer’s way of not just giving back to her hometown but is also helping to build a better future.

Jennifer Lawrence gifts Kris Jenner a Porsche

It has been no Secret that Jennifer Lawrence is a major Fan of The Kardashian’s. She also had her Fan Movement at Jimmy Kimmel Live. But a Porsche to Mom Kardashian, isn’t that too much?

First let us have a look at the Car, that Kris Jenner Posted on her Instagram

Well, JLaw definitely love Kris. This Toy Porsche was proof of the Actress sense of humor. After all Kris wanted a Porsche car and she got one under her Christmas tree, doesn’t she.

While Kris love Jennifer for this Gift, We love Jennifer as she is. In a week she has made us laugh and then proud of her dedication to her hometown.