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Hollywood star Angelina Jolie’s Iranian fan goes beyond the limits to like her idol, check picture…

Angelina Jolie Iranian fan

A 19 years old girl Sahar Tebar under take 50 plastic surgeries to look like her idol Angelina Jolie. Sahar’s pictures  are available on her instagram account, her fans says that she looks like a dead body.

Video courtesy Hollywood life.

An Iranian fan of Angelina Jolie declared that she undertake over  50 plastic surgeries  to looks like her idol.  We understand  why some body wants  to look like the stunning Hollywood star. But Sahar has crossed all limits to look like her favorite super star. According to the Belgian website Sud Info, she decided to look like the Oscar winner Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie Iranian fan

She has  tried to achieve that by going under the knife over 50 times and now her lips are enormously oversized and ugly,  her cheekbones are high and razor-sharp, making the rest of her face appear to have a deeply sunken effect. Her jaw line is deeply angled and her chin is super pointed. The looking at  her, some of her  instagram followers claims that she looks like a dead body.

Angelina Jolie Iranian fan

But does not help  Sahar and was not enough for her, she has taken to the habit of wearing especially light blue touch that give her mysterious look. In some photos, her nose take shape orderly upturned and this make her look almost like her idol relatively. Some followers have discuss the plastic surgery claims, they are saying that this look of Sahar tebar  is a result of  artificial body part and photoshop  to reach her unique appearance. She reputedly lose more than 80 pounds and is completely bony,  therefore her head is looking  larger then her tiny body.

See more pictures  of Sahar’s transformation:

Angelina Jolie Iranian fan

Sahar’s  incredible transformation picturs went  viral on November 30.  She already had over 365,000 instagram followers, but  when the story of her surgeries viral then within an hour the number of followers increased to  436,000. Her account does not include any “before” pictures of her that how she looked prior to going down this road, but plenty of her acquaintances have been taking to twitter to post what  she used to look like.

She was really a pretty girl in her instagram pictures.

Angelina Jolie Iranian fan

The comments on her resent pictures  are like “Holy mother of god get help, “Bloody ridiculous,” and “ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS HEREEEEEE!!!!!!! RUUUUN!!!!!”. There are comments in many different languages from all over the world, so Sahar definitely has people’s attention.

So here they are, Sahar and Angelina side by side. Do you see any similarities?

Angelina Jolie Iranian fan

Here’s what Sahar used to look like before her alleged surgeries, and how she looks today: