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Hrithik Roshan to become super hero again but this time it’s not Krrish.

Hrithik Roshan upcoming movie

Rohit Dhawan is presently busy in scriptwriting of his next movie, he would not cast Varun Dhawan who is his star brother. Now, Hrithik Roshan is taking interest in this film and will play a lead role.

Hrithik Roshan upcoming movie

According to the sources Rohit and Hrithik know each other very well, and are thinking to work with each other. When this film idea came to Rohit mind he think about to cast in his film, and Hrithik liked it a lot and asked him to complete the script. The first draft is finished and Rohit is doing adjustment in all things. And also sources told that once the script is ready Hrithik will work out the methods and will sign it, now he has okayed it verbally.

Hrithik Roshan upcoming movie

Superhero again.

Rohit ‘s taste for stories are highly emotional and touched, but this time he choose different category. It is a superhero movie, after Krrish this will be yet another sci-fi flick for Duggu, but it’s not similar to his Krrish avatar. Now the plan is that Rohit wants it to be a big movie like Hollywood movies in the grand scale, with the amount of VFX and CGI available today.

Sajid Nadiadwala to back the project

Sajid Nadiadwala the producer of Dishoom will backup this motivated venture. He played an inspirational role to get Hrithik on board for this film.

Hrithik Roshan upcoming movie

Schedule sorted

Rohit will complete the script and finalize the schedule, Hrithik has begun Super 30 now. Then he will work on Siddharth Anand’s movie in which Tiger Shroff and Vani Kapoor are also casted. He will start the shoot in April 2018 and patch it up in October. Hritik will shoot this film with Rohit’s film because the producers want to release in 2019.

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