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Hiten Tejwani gives funniest reply to Hina Khan for accusing him of following Vikas Gupta’s instructions…

Last night Gauri Pradhan entered in Bigg Boss 11 house to motivate Hiten Tejwani and advised him to stand up for himself. The Actors is going to do this in funniest way in tonight’s episode. In next episode Salman Khan give the participants a task to choose 3 co-participants who must get out from the competition. There will be a board with everybody’s name and the participants have to pick up the cardboard face and paste on the board. This is very interesting task and Hiten makes it comic.

Hina Khan takes HIten’s name and said that he is playing with Vikas Gupta  instructions not his own. Then Hiten took Hina’s name that she is following Vikas. Everybody laughed on Hiten’s taunting and votes in favor of him. Hina gave a smile only for the sake of formality, keep in mind how sensitive she is and we are sure that she will fight against Hiten and make mountain of a hillock. Hina is known  in the show for her easily upset mood.

To add all the enthusiasm, Fukrey Returns casting entered in the house with a task for the participants. They will come with lots of questions and ask participants to choose two of them. Hina was asked to choose between Luv and Priyank and this was  very tough decision for her and the most interesting part came when Hiten was asked that whom will he marry between Arshi and Shilpa. Then Hiten said Arshi and everyone started hooting.

Tonight’s episode is important because one will be eliminated between Akash and Shilpa. There is also a report that they both are sent to secret room and will not get eliminated tonight. If elimination do happen, so Akash will be eliminated because Hina has lots of fan following.