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Famous Gomer Pyle a.k.a Jim Nabors died at 87

Gomer Pyle a.k.a Jim Nabors died at 87.  The Andy Griffith Show star Gomer Pyle a.k.a Jim Nabors died at 87 this thursday..

Jim Nabors’ longtime friend cum partner stated to the Press about his death. Nabors died on Thursday morning in Hawaii at his home.

jim Nabors was one the regular artists at The Horn in the early 1960s. The Horn is on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, it is a cabaret theatre which promoted new talent during that era of time, there at the theatre, he was spotted by Andy Griffith, who considered Jim Nabors to be the perfect character on his CBS sitcom.

Jim Nabors was signed and chosen for one single episode of The Andy Griffith Show, which telecasted midway through the Show’s third season which took place in December 1962, but Gomer Pyle came up to be very popular among the audiences, and Jim Nabors  accordingly went on to appear in another 23 installments of the series in the Show.

Gawwwleee! He’s even been out with some nurses.”, This phrase was Gomer’s one of the signature phrases he repeatedly used in the show.

Nabors’ run on The Andy Griffith Show ended with the fourth-season where we saw Gomer Pyle joining the U.S. Marines.

“He was very kind and generous to all of us. He and my dad kept in touch over the years and I know there was a lot of love and respect between them.”, Andy Griffith’s daughter, Dixie Griffith said this to the Media.

“It got down to what you think you want to be: an actor or an entertainer. I want to entertain,” Jim Nabors stated the aforementioned in the year 1969 when he decided to retire Gomer’s character gear. “I don’t think I’m much of an actor. The only part I ever played was Gomer. I’m the most surprised person around that I’m successful anyway”,

He then showed us his singing skills and comedic talents on his own show, The Jim Nabors Hour, which lasted two seasons and featured a few of his Gomer Pyle, Griffith Show’s co-stars.

“Jim and I remained close friends for 52 years,” Carol Burnett mentioned in his statement to the Press “He was the godfather of my daughter, Jody. Every year he was always the first guest on my variety show. I considered him my ‘good luck charm.’ My heart is heavy. I’m grateful he was a large part of my life. I miss him. I love him.”

James Thurston Nabors was born in 1930, on 12th June in Sylacauga, Alabama. He was a singer from his childhood, singing songs in high school and acted in fraternity productions at his University of Alabama. He graduated in business administration, after which he shifted to New York and worked as a typist.

“With my thick accent, people would try out different languages on me, never suspecting I was speaking English,” Jim joked.

“In Mayberry, there was no illness. There was no war. There was no violence. There was no graffiti. We all had a good time, and we laughed a lot.”

With all the ups and downs came in his life he made us laugh with whatever he had in his pocket of life.