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Big Boss 11 expelled participant Bandagi Kalra gives shocking statement on Hina, Vikas and Shilpa..

Bandagi Kalra this week collects least number of votes opposite to the strong contestant’s Puneesh Sharma and Luv Tyagi, she is becoming the 7th contestant to get removed from the file families of this season. Salman khan prior declares but later gives a twist and finally announced that Bandagi will live alone.

Bandagi said that she get shocked or surprised after her exit from the house, she told that, “I have actually no idea how I expel because I was not expecting this. If Luv is still in the house I think his luck is strong. I do not think my elimination was good because he is doing nothing. I don’t know why India saved him, I know he have lots of female fan.

She is professionally software engineer, Bandagi   start love with her co-contestant Puneesh Sharma. She make clear that her relationship with  Puneesh  is real and this is not only for the camera, we didn’t plan anything, she said we will remain together.  I have still not got a chance to speak my family about my relationship with Puneesh,  I will talk them and I am sure they will understand. Let’s see how it goes once he comes out. Right now, I am just worried about him; what he is doing and how he will manage in the house,” she admit.

She withdraw with gossips about a video flow of her wanting to break things with Puneesh . she said “that’s not true. I would be just teasing Puneesh saying, lets break up. Yet we are very much together.” Actually Puneesh asked Salman Khan is he felt their romance is for the cameras, and Salman told him that he feel it’s all real.

An another battle is waiting for her outside , with her ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal. She claimed that he just want to get his publicity or it will dim out, she also claimed that Dennis has hacked my account. Bandagi has hold on to quite in the house all over her session, except during a recent splendor forecast task when Hina use chili powder in her medicinal gel on her face, she cried and being lenient bit hostile then took revenge herself by cutting Hina’s hair. Bandagi said Hina is evil and not self assured of her position. She needs defender on all side to justify her. Once Priyank and Luv are expel from house then we will see how she is.

After Bandagi’s exit there are just 4 civilian remaining in the house in this seasons 10th week. “All three civilians’ Arshi, Akash, and Puneesh are playing strong. Famous person are actually upset with these civilians and want them to get expelled so that they are safe,” She disclose. Talking about Arshi, Bandagi said, “Arshi is playing dirty mind tricks, I think she was playing very good in the middle but right now I think she looks confused on even if she should be with Shilpa or Vikas or stay with Hina. So, I think this will be a bad thing for her in the coming weeks.”

Shilpa and Vikas are the best male and female contenders in the house according to Bandgi. “If Puneesh survives and comes out of all my drama which I am sure he will, I think Puneesh, Vikas or Shilpa can win the show, may be Dadlani too. As people in the house want to break supporters, couples, relationships, groups so now when all will be alone, especially Hina Khan, I want to see who will be able to play solo in the house. When only six or seven will be there, I want to see how many groups they will be able to make to survive,” she angry.

She expressed about her experience with the celebrities, she is very happy with her journey in the house. “My experience has been wonderful. I didn’t come to know how these two months passed by. It was completely a new world. I have missed my family only and nobody else. Bigg Boss is such a magical house, that one doesn’t wants to come outside and once you are out you don’t want to go in, in spite of the fact that you are staying with your enemies.”