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Bigg Boss 11 66th Episode: Akash Dadlani tries to patch up Shilpa Shinde and Arshi but…

It was the elimination time in the Bigg Boss 11 house, Shilpa Shinde and Akash Dadlani are in danger zone in this week. Though the companion voted for Akash and Luv Tyagi, house captain Vikas Gupta was given special powers to save one and he chose to nominate Shilpa in Luv’s place. Companion wake up to the tune of Chota Baccha, Arshi khan told Luv Tyagi that his luck is with him. Hiten make fun of them said that they are young couple. Arshi said Hiten is immature man. The entire companion saw Luv and Arshi connection. Puneesh told the Vikas Gupta Arshi said don’t talk with Shilpa Shinde. Hiten asked Vikas whom did you want to save? He said I want to protect Shilpa. Akash made fun and said what will happened is he is safe and Shilpa is eliminated. Shilpa is considered as the top contestant to win this reality show.

The baby tasks begin. Akash Dadlani had Hiten as baby although Vikas Gupta acquires Arshi. They make fun of all of them. Akash said luv, hina and arshi are bad caregiver. Hiten said we start to play with full enthusiasm. The signal given then they race for the parking of the buggy. Arshi told Vikas that she wants to be a captain, and then he gives the tips to her how she plays. While Priyank not pass to park the buggy, Puneesh is out from the captain race. Priyank is the baby in Shilpa’s buggy and told her he wants to be captain. Shilpa ask if he will save Puneesh.

Arshi harm her doll and happy with that Shilpa is not the captain. Vikas tell the Arshi to play with the planning. Akash get angry on Arshi in the kitchen,  then she said ‘do din ka mehman’, he request to Shilpa to excuse her and ask her for a kiss. Vikas told Hiten that Akash is not attentive in the game, he also agreed and said I am tired and over. At 8pm again the alarm rang and everyone run to the park with buggy. Hinten and Shilpa are out of the commander race. Inside Hiten insult Akash that he got lost like a missing. They said they love one and all. Hina said she make better captain with Luv and Priyank then Dadlani.

Vikas told Puneesh he play active if he wants to live long in the house. Puneesh said he want to see Arshi win. Vikas said in any condition, Luv not win. Vikas told the Arshi colleague will not joyfull if he says she will be captain. He said he is working hard but he cannot promise for it. Arshi said you can make bandgi  Kalra captain but cannot make me one, she goes in washroom and started to crying. Akash tried to divert her but she is in tears, he swabs her tears and said he wants to get out. Vikas told Puneesh that I am only working so that Luv is present with me.

Akash asks Arshi if she had believed in Vikas, she said yes I was but not this time. Hina told Hiten she wants to be captain, she said she cannot play the game I don’t want to make Akash captain. Vikas and Hiten angry with her, they said they have buggy which is out of fitting according to you. At night, Akash said Hina is not curious to being a captain. The alarm rang and Luv makes soon entry.


They sat down the dolls in carrycot. Shilpa make Priyank and Luv’s doll sleep with each other. Vikas explains how the game goes around to Luv and Priyank, he said there are many challengers. Vikas said Arshi, Puneesh all are in the game. Luv said no single player can win the game. Vikas and Shilpa dicuss with each other how Luv is being saved. In the washroom area, Vikas promise that I support Arshi. He told Puneesh to make Arshi understand. He says Akash has said that we are against Arshi. Anger, Arshi says she does not keep about being a captain.

Arshi told Hina that Vikas only listens to Puneesh, she told Bandgi Kalra is bad captain. Priyank said he plays like that. Luv asked Vikas why he didn’t support me for captain, he said there is no assurance. Priyank told Arshi that he wants to see Vikas game plan. When she questions his friendship, Vikas told her to remain quiet. He says your claim is repulsive. Priyank asks Arshi if she wants to be captain. She says yes. Luv, Priyank and Hina take Arshi to their side. Puneesh tells Vikas and Hiten that Shilpa has taken immunity for him.

Akash Dadlani took Shilpa out and request her to forgive Arshi but she says no. He says I want to go home happily. Shilpa told Arshi that she deserves bad behavior. Akash says I have never found  friends like you and Arshi in my life. Shilpa and Arshi had a huge argument and Arshi told her to leave. Akash apologizes to Shilpa for trying to make amends, Akash says I only want Shilpa and you to be friends.