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Abram performed on Shahrukh Khan’s film Swades song “Ye tara woh tara” on his annual day.


You might be thinking we are just self dominating across Abram’s annual day, but this is not true we have prove if you see this you will be speechless after seeing little Abram’s performance. We have a video of Dhirubhai Ambani International School  Annual Day function yesterday,  Abram Khan had performed on his father’s song “ Ye tara woh tara” the best thing is that song is fit on the situation. This is the song from Shahrukh’s movie Swades which has completed 13 years yesterday. Not only Abram but all the childrens are looking cute and adorable the way they are moving and performing.


Abram is seen wearing a star, perhaps in line with the name of the song. He is looking way too cute, we are not able to capture Shahrukh Khan’s reaction but we are sure that he feels proud of his son. Let see the video:

Abram is growing up to be just charming as his dad and good looking as like his family, that was Abram’s first stage performance, it goes without saying that this moment will forever be etched in the memory of each and every member of the family. Both Suhana and Aryan were present in the event,  Shahrukh and Suhana were there since morning and Aryan join them in the evening, we have seen Gauri Khan was present in the audience as well in one of the videos. We are sure Shahrukh will remember this day.