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Miley Cyrus pregnant: No! she slams all the rumors

Miley Cyrus pregnant:

shows off a baby bump on her birthday eve!

“Rude!!! Not pregnant just eating a s–t ton of tofurkey,” Miley Cyrus tweeted on Thursday to answer all the curiosity, November 23, sharing the very same photograph with a red arrow pointing at her belly bump.

Oh no, crap!

The internet has gone crazy about Miley Cyrus being pregnant, which she is not.

She has just updated a picture on Instagram. It was a pre-birthday picture of her on the day before her 25th birthday where she is standing as if showing off her baby bump which has took the internet by storm.

Whatever we thought has actually come down to nothing!

On 23rd of November, the day before Miley’s 25th birthday and thanksgiving, she has added a photograph of her on Instagram about the pre-birthday celebration.

In the Instagram post, she was surrounded by a lot of decorative balloons but we could see only the one she wanted us to see and get attract to(probably).

We saw Miley Cyrus standing in the picture, holding her stomach in such a way that a pregnant woman holds her “baby bump”.

The caption of the Instagram post made the cherry portion of a black forest cake, that was “Vegan Turkey Baby”

Miley Cyrus looked cutely beautiful in the picture, she shared. She stood there wearing an oversized grey T-shirt which went very sexy with her blonde hair.

Popstar, Miley Cyrus is all up with her fiance cum would be husband Liam Hemsworth who has already given a romantic start to her 25th birthday. Hemsworth has gifted her lady a Rainbow Necklace which has written  ‘Lili’ on it in cursive handwriting.

Miley Cyrus went all public about the gifted necklace, has added a picture of the necklace on Instagram captioning it, “My mannnnnn’s already winnin & it ain’t even my bday yet!” she wrote, “Rainbow LiLi is soooo frigggggen cute!” to a photo of the necklace. She is very excited about her birthday.

According to the Miley Cyrus’ Instagram stories, this Rainbow Necklace is just the first gift she has got from the man of her life and going to have another of gifts. Liam Hemsworth are you ready to surprise your lady love? Keep a track on Instagram to know what did Liam gift Miley next to the Lili necklace.

One fan of Miley Cyrus wrote to the Instagram post that, “Not only does she look pregnant, but the random blue thing on the table could totally be gender reveal”. Someone else of her fans commented on the post stating, “If ur preggo im honestly here for it! imagine how freakin cute that baby would be omg”. So basically all of us are excited to know the truth behind her grey bump in the picture she shared.

Miley wore a big three-layered, tousled pink dress that went down to be very long to her ankles, on Tuesday on “The Voice”, which gave her fans an even better idea of her possible pregnancy. Fans were very curious to know if she was trying to hide her baby bump in the “trash bag” outfit.

A few months ago if the audience remembers of the time when there were rumors of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth getting secretly married in a beautiful Malibu ceremony. They went there to shoot their film The Last song and were photographed in the Tybee Island in Georgia.

We saw in the pictures shared on November 3, the wedding bands they were flaunting in the picture while sipping on beverages which truly can be the sign that they are married and soon to have a baby of them.

Miley is very much in love with Liam but she is definitely not having a baby and her baby bump did not have any baby, but tofurkey.