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Marriage brings great sex: Fifty Shades Freed


Fifty Shades Freed, we believe is going to be the sexiest movie of Fifty Shades movie series ever, which we are very sure about. The new trailer of Fifty Shades Freed has come up with a lot many lewd flashes between Mrs. Anastasia Steele (Grey) (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan).

Marriage brings great sex: Fifty Shades Freed

To be very honest, we still can not stop thinking about what we saw. The romance between Anastasia and Christian grew stronger and hotter after their marriage (Is that so?). “So you want to play?” Christian Grey is asking his wife, Mrs. Grey in that well-known room, The Red Room. Seductively Ana replies to Grey, “Yes, sir.” Mrs. Grey is naked when Christian worships Ana’s body. She can’t stop moaning his name. We also can see Christian under the shower, shirtless. We are hoping to have some very excellent shower sex in the coming Valentines month!

Marriage brings great sex: Fifty Shades Freed

Though we see things getting very hot in the trailer, it is not just about the sex for the newlywed, where the duo gets married in the final and third part of the Grey series. Husband Christian Grey buys Anastasia a house after which she gets jealous of the assigned architect, Arielle Kebbel who gets way too touchy with her husband. “Please stop talking to my husband as if I weren’t here, Anastasia says to Gia. Oh, boy! The claws are coming out!”

There are also waiting some seriously dangerous events waiting for the duo this time. Not only that Anastasia and Christian got into problems, but they also have issues with Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson). When Jack Hyde calls Ana, he finds her in all tears. Also, we will be seeing Jack cornering Ana once. It is not where it ends though. To cause more drama to it Mrs. Robinson a.k.a Kim Basinger is all set. “Did you sleep with her?” Anastasia asks husband in tears. Hit your nearest theatres and watch Fifty Shades Freed on 9th of February 2018.

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