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Justice League Movie Review: ANOTHER FAIR ATTEMPT BY DC, Box Office


Justice League Movie Review

Let’s set the argument clear and straight that Justice League is the DC Extended Universe’ reply to Marvel Cinematic Universe‘ Avengers and as it turns out the movie isn’t as overwhelming as one would expect.

The movies from DCEU have so far been disappointing. There was a lot of expectations from Justice League as earlier this summer Wonder Woman was both a critical and a commercial success. Justice League wasn’t a complete disaster as compared to the other movies from DCEU. The 2-hour long movie is a complete evidence how less DC cares about making movies with better plots.

Justice League Movie Review is almost similar to what we had guessed after watching the trailers. Bruce Wayne,aka Batman and Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman assemble a crew of metahumans to protect Earth from catastrophic dangers.

The movie introduces us to three new characters in the DC Extended Universe movies. Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. They are accompanied by the big three: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Well, one thing that does stand out is the fact that the casting has been done properly. Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Ezra Miller as Flash look not only impressive but also very sturdy. The overall chemistry and coordination among the group look pretty good as we can expect at least one sequel in the years to come.

The super villain in the movie is been played by Ciarán Hinds who steps in play the role of Steppenwolf. He isn’t the best villain you will see nor he is the one who you will remember for a very long time after coming out of the theatre.

Visuals, Action sequences and an attempt to create a dark theme with genuine cinematography are some things that stand out in the movie.

The Zack Snyder directed movie is a good movie as far as superhero comic book movies stand, but then we expect more from DCEU. The dark world that they have created in the comic doesn’t always reflect on the silver screen and that hasn’t happened even this year.

But one thing is for sure, DCEU is getting better at making quality movies and is on the way to achieve greatness in the near future.

The movie is best for one time watch with 3D glasses, but it might not be the fan favourite in a year or two.