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The Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal took another turn as New Yorker journalist Ronan Farrow has revealed in an interview last week that he has some information that will make people understand how powerful men Hollywood try to control things and get away with sexual harassment cases.

That story promised by Ronan Farrow appeared on the internet on Monday evening, and it describes how the once-powerful producer Weinstein funded private security agencies to accumulate crushing news on Rose McGowan, Rosanna Arquette, Annabella Sciorra and other women who were trying to share their sexual assault and harassment cases against him publicly.

These organizations even tried exposing the Journalists who were involved in bringing out the story to the public. Farrow explained by saying he has based his reporting on hundreds of pages of data and people who have a straight connection in Weinstein opposition research.


Farrow revealed that the organization listed were Black Cube, an initiative run mostly by former officers of Mossad and Kroll, which is one of the biggest global corporate-intelligence company, and other Israeli intelligence agencies. According to Farrow, Black Cube, which has branches in Tel Aviv, London, and Paris, “offers its clients the skills of operatives ‘highly experienced and trained in Israel’s elite military and governmental intelligence units,’ according to its literature,”

Recently two men met with Rose McGowan using false identities. The purpose was to obtain information from her. Farrow claims that these two men were from Black Cube. Rose McGowan then, went on to accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape on a public forum. 

Farrow also revealed that one among the two investigators was previously an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces. He presented himself as a women’s rights advocate and privately registered at least four meetings with McGowan, Farrow said.

It was at this time that Rose McGowan felt that she was being spied by individuals and felt insecure deepening her concern. She felt people who she thought were being helpful and friendly to her in the first place weren’t actually like that a lot.

“It was like the movie ‘Gaslight,’ ” McGowan told Farrow. “Everyone lied to me all the time.”

Farrow’s reports also had proof to show that Harvey Weinstein had hired Journalists to contact actresses with whom he had been involved. The purpose was pretty similar, to extract news and information.

The reports by Farrow has shown us another side of Hollywood: The Rich, famous and influential trying to control things their way.