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The rivalry between these two huge comic book houses DC vs MARVEL is now just exploding. The fight is to take the top position in the comic book world. The November was a great time assess both of them as the big houses released one movie each. Marvel Cinematic Universe, better known as MCU, first released “Thor: Ragnarok” and then it was DC Extended Universe came out with Justice League.

It’s not just the box-office numbers that matter in this rivalry. There are other aspects mainly which consists of quality of the movies.

This year opened up with great news for the DC extended universe as their summer release, Wonder Woman, grossed around $821 million worldwide, making it their first major blockbuster. DC is hoping to continue their good momentum as they have quite a few planned releases coming in the next year and the following one.

Marvel is having a great time like always. Very rarely do they fail to impress the audience. “Thor: Ragnarok” also did a pretty good job at the box-office grossing a whopping $660 million worldwide in just two weeks. The critical response to the movie was also pretty good as the cast responded to the need of the hour and delivered a superb action movie.

On the other hand, DC released its much anticipated Justice League and we have to agree that DC is back in the game. The movie has already grossed $110 million in its opening week. Though the top critics weren’t really impressed with the movie, still, it has elements that will surely attract any viewer.

From the competitive viewpoint, Thor: Ragnarok opened to $122 million in it’s opening week compared to Justice League’s $110 million.

The numbers are clearly so far in the favor of Marvel Cinematic Universe for this month.

With more superhero movies coming on our way, the competition will definitely get tough. But it’s the movie-goers and the fans who will make the decision whether DC wins or Marvel.