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Bigg Boss 11: Bandagi Kalra is the new Captain?? Hina loses safety, Benafsha and Sapna also gets Nominated

Bigg Boss 11 has come up with new notions of nomination process which gave us a very emotional kickstart to our week. Contestants were given a tremendous task of sacrificing one of their most precious things to save another contestant from getting nominated.


Roadies return Priyank Sharma shaved hair and went bald to save Hiten from the nomination. To save Hina from her nomination Henna and Luv had to get tattooed which demanded to have a zero written on their forehead. I believe, Luv does not love Hina and Hina does not care about herself which leads her to help Luv remove his tattoo which was strictly against the instructions given by Bigg Boss. In return to the removal of Luv’s tattoo with Henna’s makeup, Hina loses her safety from the nomination process as it was clearly mentioned by Bigg Boss about not hiding or removing the tattoo in any cases.


Puneesh and Bandgi crossed their lines of maturity and conscience, again got cozy when the lights were off and continued their dirty talks even after being warned by the show host, Sallu Bhai.


Getting up to a new task of “What is mobile number” triggers Akash and Hiten to get into an argument, maybe!

Thinking of why did they have an argument makes us laugh even more as Akash gets all Sati-Savitri when Hiten says he enjoys it when Shilpa and Arshi flirt with him.

Shilpa was lucky enough to be the first person to pick a call from Bigg boss which demanded her to ask Vikas about destroying his special made favourite jacket in the paint for saving her from the nominations. In the consent of Shilpa working with Vikas after the Bigg Boss show, which she denies firstly but agrees anyway as he promises her to have a very few-days work schedule and destroys the jacket (sab moh maya hai).

Before the agreement of the consent, Vikas and Shilpa got into a fight-like argument which was said to be a fake fight by Akash.

Arshi was called next to Shilpa. To save Arshi, Shilpa was chosen by Bigg Boss to dip in the paint that precious frame gifted by her brother of a tiger on this Diwali which she easily agrees to and without getting emotional dips it saying her brother has a lot many pictures of a tiger. Shilpa apologizes to her brother while she dips her gift in the paint.


Bandgi is all in love with Puneesh? She proves her love to Puneesh by giving up all her clothes for saving him from the eliminations. Puneesh although ask her not to do this (well, that’s courtesy) but she saves him.


Acchai touched everybody in the Bigg Boss house today. Bandgi gets saved when she was asked to make Akash shave off his hair which he did but took a lot of time thinking about the decision as Puneesh pleaded him to save Bandgi, “ITNA PYAAR KAHAAN RAKHOGE GHARWALO?”.


Arshi also gives up her nighties to get Vikas safe from the nominations.


Wearing Sapna’s salwar kameez was one of the easiest sacrifices one could make. But Puneesh did not agree to the fact of it and denied to save Sapna (Sapna ka sapna tuta).


After the task got over we got three nominated contestants, Hina, Sapna and Benafsha. Benafsha being a weaker contestant than the other too gets slightly insecure about being evicted this week but calms down after Priyank asks her to wait until the end of this week. later we saw Priyank (Divya’s lover boy) sharing bed with Benafsha which attracted Puneesh’s attraction to the scene but lately, no one cared much and slept.

Following all that and yesterday’s nominations, let’s see who becomes the captain for the week.

Update: Based on todays episode, following the Hot pool party, here comes the captainship task, conquering that Bandagi Kalra turned out as the new Bigg Boss Captain.

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