Home Bollywood “AM I #NOTSHAADIMATERIAL” asked VJ Bani on Instagram

“AM I #NOTSHAADIMATERIAL” asked VJ Bani on Instagram

“AM I #NOTSHAADIMATERIAL” asked VJ Bani on Instagram

Bani j came out to be very famous than she was after being in the Bigg Boss house. She did not win the show but because of her style and attitude, she has won many hearts.


Bani is a very social yet silent person who is always up with her Instagram posts and stories to impress us. She is a very active Instagrammer who goes all public about her diets, exercise regime, and gymming videos.

One thing she is not really public about is her love life with Yuvraj Thakur. She has always shared stories about her and Yuvraj in the Bigg Boss house mentioning the initials Y and T to her House best friend Gaurav. She also shares the same gym with her Boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur and they are very much in love with each other.

“AM I #NOTSHAADIMATERIAL” asked VJ Bani on Instagram

She is very confident with her physique and she also enjoys staying healthy. People have always given her a lot of criticism because of her guys like physique and a badass attitude towards everything. VJ Bani has never got off her track. Fitness freak Bani J altogether is a very focused person.


@Lady RocknRolla, just 12 hours ago uploaded a picture of her with a notepad in her hand quoting “I DON’T LOOK DELICATE, SO AM I #NOTSHAADIMATERIAL?” on it with the caption, “Just because I like to build my body at the gym to be strong physically, does that make me #NOTSHAADIMATERIAL?”.

“AM I #NOTSHAADIMATERIAL” asked VJ Bani on Instagram

Body shaming should be one criminal offense. This picture has enough impact on all the stereotypical portion of the society and the body shamers.

“AM I #NOTSHAADIMATERIAL” asked VJ Bani on Instagram

VJ Bani’s call over the issue with her Instagram post is very effective because her being lesser delicate and soft does not really makes her unworthy of becoming someone’s wife or mother.


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