AKSAR 2: Another thriller in theatres now! Trailer, Review,Cast, Songs, Box Office Collection

AKSAR 2: Another thriller in theatres now! Trailer, Review,Cast, Songs, Box Office Collection

PLOT SUMMARY: Madame Khambatta is a rich old lady and is in a need of a governess for her. Madame Khambatta’s trusted Investment banker hires a governess named, Sheena Roy for the lady. The plot unfolds with time and reveals each character’s actual motive when the Investment banker asks Sheena Roy to have a physical connection with him.

CAST:  Zareen Khan, Gautam Rode, Lillete Dubey, Abhinav Shukla, Mohit Madaan, S.Sreesanth

AKSAR 2: Another thriller in theatres now! Trailer, Review,Cast, Songs, Box Office Collection

DIRECTION: Ananth Narayan Mahadevan

GENRE: Thriller

DURATION: 2 hours 7 minutes

Aksar 2 Official Trailer

Aksar 2 Movie Review:

Aksar 2 opens with a very normal pace where we see Madame Khambatta’s caretaker has died in an accident and she wants a new Governess who will take care of her. We see Lillete Dubey as Madame Khambatta in the film and Gautum Rode as Patrick Sharma, the Investment banker who hires Sheena Roy, played by Zareen Khan as the new Governess in the house.

On the other fold of the story, we see Sheena Roy, who is faking to be single to Patrick Sharma but has a boyfriend, that is Abhinav Shukla.

Patrick goes crazy when he comes to know about Sheena Roy’s reality and motive behind all of it when he asks her to have a sexual relationship with him.

Zareen Khan is playing the character of the hired Governess with concealed purposes and has quietly done justice to Sheena’s role in almost all the parts of the film.

In spite of getting a golden opportunity to come up with a great display of expressions as the role of the Investment banker, Patrick Sharma which demanded different shades to display the character, Gautam Rode in his part did no justice to his Bollywood debut.

Lillete Dubey as Madame Khambatta gave an okayish performance as a seventy-year-old wealthy lady. Abhinav Dubey as the character of Sheena Roy’s boyfriend plays his part successfully but had a very unsatisfactory character sketch.

In the role of Madame Khambatta’s Lawyer, wee see the cricketer S. Sreesanth who has pinched his Bollywood debut with Aksar 2.

Director Ananth Narayan Mahadevan tries to pull up the movie in the first part but it crumbles down and has no scopes of getting better until the end. The unnecessary twists and turns gave a boring tag to the movie. Insertion of a track in the movie made it even worse in the end.

Aksar 2 Album: Songs list

1. Aaj Zid

Arijit Singh, not in a movie is a shock these days. No matter how many movies he signs singing for, he manages time for every Bollywood movie including Aksar!! Though Aksar 2 needed this track as it is the best among the lot. It is a melodious and slow sensual song by Mithoon.

2. Janna Ve

It is again sung by none other than Bollywood playback Badshah Arijit Singh. It is even slower than Aaj Zid but okay to handle for a romantic number.

3. Tanhaiyaan

No. It is nothing like Himesh Reshammiya numbers.
Sung by Amit Mishra in an Arijit Singh way of singing. Mithoon could have experimented a bit with this song but in an overall, it is quite a handling song.

To watch Aksar 2, do not hesitate to hit the nearest theatres.