BIGG BOSS 11: Salman looses cool and leaves the sets of the show because of Akash Dadlani

BIGG BOSS 11 EPISODE 55: 24 November 2017 

This weeks latest update comes up with the new captaincy task. The final candidates for the captainship are Hiten Tejwani and Akash Dadlani.
The task had Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta too as the candidates stood for  Captaincy programme.

Puneesh Sharma has to now choose between Hiten and Akash to be the next captain of the Bigg Boss house.
Akash being Puneesh’s friend asks Puneesh to choose him as the captain. Lately, we saw Puneesh choosing Hiten Tejwani and betrays Akash making Hiten Tejwani the new CAPTAIN.

Shilpa Shinde tried to be the Mother India for Bigg Boss house by taking all the blame on her head about Puneesh betraying Akash, but she could not manage to help them in any way.

Before anything could mend things between Akash and Puneesh it already got very bitter.
Akash was hurt so badly that he declared himself dead to all the Bigg Boss house participants saying that A-cash is dead now. He gets so upset about the matter that he realizes that he has no friends in the house, which was quite upsetting for Puneesh being Akash’s friend.

What actually happened?

When Vikas tried to manipulate Puneesh by asking him to choose Hiten as the captain as according to Vikas, Hina Khan and team will anyway choose Akash Dadlani to be the next captain of the house. When Akash did not like the idea of not being chosen by Puneesh he lashes out with the matter. Puneesh then decides not to choose Hiten but is still confused about the whole matter.
Shilpa Shinde also tried Puneesh to take a decision on Akash’s behalf which will favor him but she is also confused about the decision making.

Just after the alarm buzzes, Puneesh Arshi and Hiten started begging him to choose them as the captain. Puneesh gets so confused that he refuses to vote for any of them which gives Hina Khan to get the power of removing Akash from the election as she claims that Akash had misbehaved with her so she had to do this to Akash.

BIGG BOSS 11: Salman looses cool and leaves the sets of the show because of Akash Dadlani

To the aforementioned, Akash got mad at Puneesh for not taking any decision in his favor. He blames out Vikas for manipulating Puneesh against him. Shilpa Shinde later tries to console Akash about the matter but he refuses to listen to anyone or anything.

Everybody then blames Puneesh for not spraying the paint on Hiten’s picture face. Bandgi also blames Puneesh and tells him that he was wrong at whatever happened and he should have saved his friend Akash, anyway.

On the very page, Puneesh comes out with the spray paint calling out Akash and as told to him to choose Hiten as the captain, he sprays Shilpa’s picture after getting mad about Hina and Bandgi’s involvement.

Later Hina Khan sarcastically sings the song “Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge”, which upset Puneesh to another level making Bandgi cry on his situation.

Later in the situation, Akash and Arshi blame Shilpa for all of the chaos created.

Sapna and Arshi get into an argument for nothing.

Whatever did the chaos cause, Bigg Boss house people got a luxury budget by winning the task?

BIGG BOSS 11: Salman looses cool and leaves the sets of the show because of Akash Dadlani

They lost some points because of Akash sleeping habits and speaking in english along with Priyank.
But they anyway were happy with the budget.

BIGG BOSS 11: Salman looses cool and leaves the sets of the show because of Akash Dadlani

Also, as seen in the next day’s sneak peak, Salman will call Puneesh and Akash in the Sultani Akhada today at Weekend ka vaar, but not to fight but to hugs and go on with friendship.

Salman asks Akash to hug Puneesh, but Akash abdantly refuses to do so and so Salman got off his cool and left the Sultani Akhada saying Akash you lost the game.

We are still not sure, what could be the reason and whether Salman will walk to the main stage or not.

Stay tuned for such an update.