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The Walking Dead: surprised the season with the best episode, so far!

The Walking Dead: Surprised the season with the best episode, so far!

The reminder that The Walking Dead can come out to be profusely mind-blowing TV show because of the last episode of “The Big Scary U” which gave us an exact idea of the thoughtful and compelling look at Negan—and the reason behind him calling his people the saviors.

The last episode and its beginning can actually be called a managers’ meeting which happened a few minutes before Rick’s charge of attack in the season opener.

In the episode what we see is, Negan calling Dwight, Eugene, Simon, and Gavin, along with the lately added new lieutenant Regina, into his conference room to listen to what Gregory has to talk about on how is he going to have back the control of Hilltop and terminate their assistance in Rick’s rebel group.

Gregory, of course, is dissembling, Negan is not really happy with him. But Gregory handles to sum it up for one certain speech that Maggie deceived him and he will have a solution for it as Gregory can do the best is to talk big.

It’s a proof to “The Big Scary U” that such a sign of a great episode still feels  very trivial to Negan’s “confession,” his self-appointed sortie, and the remarkable apocalypse with which he can incite love as well as a sign of fear—as well as what comes out to be the end of the zombie apocalypse’s genuine bromance.

This is a very great thing or an idea, and it’s the kind of a good idea that should only keep paying off in the coming episodes.I still can not believe on my eyes that this show has totally given The Walking Dead a second life, but this episode is the fifth of the whole season, and every episode is better than its previous episode. And indeed? That’s probably the most beautiful apocalypse of all.

Here are the few musings about the last episode of the show:

Though it was comparatively a very good going episode from its start rather than just the mentioning and unusual talk about dicks by Negan.

Eugene reached to Dwight’s chess set, and the red paint on it was still wet, then he realized the guns in the bag were stolen from the Saviors also has something watery and red on it, and thus now everybody suspects Dwight is the traitor. But about Eugene, who did not only have a paint-mark on his thumb from the paint but also a very large injury. What do you say?

The line of the night goes to Negan, of course, deadpanning to Gabriel just after Rick has executed, shooting the hell out of Sanctuary, drowned it with zombies, and made him go and take shelter in a van besieged by the dead: “Your friend Rick is an asshole.”