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“YOUNGER NOW” VERSUS “TELL ME IF YOU LOVE ME”, Same day album launch controversy between MILEY CYRUS and DEMI LOVATO

Miley Cyrus vs Demi Lovato

In 2011, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato both completed their successful period of responsibility with Disney channel shows which brought them stardom. Since then, both of them have focused on their singing careers, making brief returns to acting a few times in the middle. During their Disney days, Miley and Demi were part of the Disney Holy Trinity, alongside fellow Friend for Change, Selena Gomez. But one-time friends have drifted apart over the years, as their careers and (BEIBER?) personal lives took different paths.

The “Wrecking ball” singer is regarded as an important artist making distinct creative choices while Demi is considered as a journeyman hit-maker? or, in more simple terms, a hack.
But on Friday both of these former Disney divas released her sixth studio album.
Miley’s “Younger Now” and Demi’s “Tell Me You Love Me” releasing on the same day is truly a gift as both of them have become household names in the recent years. Their music styles differ a lot but certainly a treat for music lovers.

Here’s what we can expect from these two albums.

First, let us take a quick look at Miley’s “Younger Now”. People all over the world have appreciated and loved the pre-released songs of Miley’s new album. With refreshing melodic songs like Malibu, Younger Now, and most recently Week Without You, Miley has returned to her self-styled country roots, showing off her beautiful vocal range, and reminding us never to underestimate a Cyrus.

Although everyone was hoping for a sister collaboration between Miley and Noah Cyrus, sadly it seems that might not happen on this album. But instead, we will be getting the lovely treat of a duet with godmother Dolly Parton, on the track Rainbowland. But, there’s more to it. This might not just be the best album by Miley considering that some of the songs are a bit formless to depict the right notion which was meant to be shown by this album in the first place.

On the other hand, Demi Lovato’s “Tell Me You Love Me” introduces us to a singer burning with passion and purpose. There’s no comprehensive narrative or story here. She collected a set of songs she made with different writers and producers climbing their way up to the A- list. The songs are not just hackwork, but they are funny, catchy, sexy and an absolute treat. Songs such as “Sorry Not Sorry”, “Tell Me You Love Me” and ‘Daddy issues” have already gone rounds on the internet getting a lot of attention, which it truly deserves.

Both of these albums were meant to be successes considering the artists involved but due to the clash of the releasing dates, it will be interesting to see who gets on top of whom on the music charts this season.

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