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Twitter bans ROSE McGOWAN from TWEETING

Rose McGowan- Twitter bans ROSE McGOWAN from tweeting

Twitter suspended American actress Rose McGowan’s account on Thursday for her raging tweets which apparently violated the rules and regulations of the social media platform. Rose McGowan has been quite vocal in the recent few days about the act of sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault committed on her by the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Rose McGowan posted a picture on her Instagram account which showed what Twitter had sent her in justification of blocking her account from major online activities on the social site for 12 hours. She also captioned the picture by saying, “TWITTER HAS SUSPENDED ME. THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE. #ROSEARMY #whywomendontreport”

Twitter bans ROSE McGOWAN from tweeting

Apparently the some of her tweets have violated the Twitter rules and that is why Twitter was prompted to “limit some of her account features”, which loosely translates to her not being able to tweet, retweet or like anything. This suspension will last for 12 hours and the countdown will only begin once she removes the tweets for which she has been penalized.

It’s not difficult to guess which tweet of hers was the one which got the scanner. She has been using Twitter as a medium to influence actresses to come out and fight for the wrongs in Hollywood, ever since the first allegations against Harvey Weinstein broke in New York Times last week. 

Rose McGowan recently had accused Ben Affleck of lying about his knowledge on the matter. She tweeted “Ben Affleck fuck off”, which is probably the tweet that made Twitter take the step to block her account.

Rose McGowan has reported that Harvey Weinstein sexual assaulted and harassed her back in 1997. The incident had taken place in a hotel room during a Film Festival. She has also gone on say that she had received an out-of-court settlement from Harvey Weinstein’s side for $100,000.

This is not the first time that Weinstein has been accused of such charges. Other than Rose McGowan there are other celebrities who have come forward and shared their stories.

According to Rose McGowan, people inside Hollywood especially the A-list celebrities know about these disturbing truths but haven’t taken any step for making things better.

Following her suspension from Twitter, many men and women came out of support for her and decided to boycott Twitter.

People on the Twitter have in fact questioned Twitter for being unjust with some issues.

Earlier, there have many cases of powerful people doing some stupid social activity but no steps were taken back then (say we are talking about Donald Trump).

According to the sources, her account has been unlocked now but the question will remain whether Twitter did the fair thing with Rose McGowan or not.