Secret Superstar Movie Review

If you look at Aamir Khan’s filmography in the recent times, you will notice that there has been quality in each of the movies. There  is a reason why Aamir Khan is known as The Perfectionist.

Secret Superstar is already a hit, says the actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
He said Secret Superstar will be the Movie of the Year 2017 (Bollywood).

Secret Superstar Official Trailer

Secret Superstar Movie Review

The movie Secret Superstar is the big Diwali release alongside Golmaal Again. While entering the theatre I expected that this will be another movie where Aamir Khan impresses the audience and people can’t stop talking about him. Aamir Khan did impress but it wasn’t him because of whom Secret Superstar will be remembered. It takes a lot to stand out to be the eye catcher in a movie involving Aamir Khan, the young actress Zaira Wasim did it magnificently.

The movie Secret Superstar is about many things. It’s about domestic violence, mother-daughter bond, chasing your dreams, loving your family and most importantly, having the spirit of fighting.

Secret Superstar is written and directed by the debutant filmmaker Advait Chandan. The story is plotted beautifully and makes your heart warm. The story is emotional and touching almost throughout the movie.

Advait Chandan has left no stones turned to deliver a perfect debut movie. His cast has responded well too.

Zaira Wasim is incredible as Insia Malik, a teenage girl who dreams to be a singer but her father doesn’t approve of her dreams. Her spirits are held high, even after her parent’s troubled marriage as her father is very cold and violent man. Stuck in a conservative society Vadodara, she decides to neglect all her problems and start a youtube channel. She uploads a song sung by her, wearing a burkha and playing guitar and hence a new

Secret Superstar is born. Her video becomes the most trending video in the country and she becomes an instant hit.

Later in the movie, she is discovered by Shakti Kumaarr, played by Aamir Khan, who is a music producer. What follows is the emotional journey from being a Superstar from the Secret Superstar.

The supporting cast of Secret Superstar has done a terrific job too. Meher Vij plays the mother to Zaira Wasim’s character and nails the role with perfection. The depiction of the mother and daughter bond is just too good to ignore. It will make your heart melt.

Raj Arjun plays the role Insia’s father and his portrayal of a strict and conservative father is touch perfect. Among others, Tirth Sharma is the one who gets the attention of the audience as he plays the role of Chintan, Insia’s best friend.

Aamir khan’s Shakti Kumaarr has two sides. One is a sleazy musician who doesn’t think twice before uttering a cheesy line and another side which is a man who is soft inside and a true lover of the art which is music. His role as the guide of Insia is truly heartwarming and honestly, he is more like a father figure for the young Secret Superstar .

Secret Superstar will take you on a journey of emotions and also deliver a beautiful story in between. If you are planning to watch a movie this Diwali with your family, the Secret Superstar is definitely the one which you should watch. I will be rating Secret Superstar a 4.5 out of 5.