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LAS VEGAS: MANDALAY BAY – What Really Happened?

MANDALAY BAY – What Really Happened?

People say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, being one of the best places in the USA, Vegas has its own show of cosmos, casinos, recreation, motels, it can give you a lifestyle you always envisage of. But rather being such a gorgeous place many recent news and happenings have proved Vegas not being so sheltered place.

Between a gala, at Mandalay Bay casino a precipitate shooting from a gunman wounded hundreds and shot 2049 people who were savouring the concert festival outdoor. The rapid-fire torrent from a hotel made thousands of people flee until SWAT units found him and killed him.

We can see the country singer Jason Aldean playing outside the hotel at route 91 harvest in a country music festival, which was suddenly hindered by the sound of the spontaneous gunfire, people started to duck and take cover and some screeched “get down” while some, “stay down”.

The SWAT team acknowledged right on time and several of there were sent inside the hotel immediately at 10:08 p.m., officers reported being gripped down by gunfire, according to distress radio traffic. Shortly before midnight, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported that on the suspect was down and soon they said they did not assume there were any more active gunmen.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of Clark County stated 20 people to be dead and more than 100 Tobe injured later on Monday morning. They are still to come up with the dead gunman’s integrity but has stated that police were seeking “a companion” named Marilou Danley, women he described as Asian and 4-foot-11. The video showed a rapid – fire for about nine seconds and a silence of 37 seconds from the weapon just amid panicked screaming can be heard. The gunfire exploded again in at least two more rounds, both shorter than the first one.

As per the police, radio reports three people were expatriated to Sunrise Hospital and medical centre for treatment. The police were also asked not to bring more fatalities unless the injuries were life-threatening to university medical centre, another nearby hospital because it was at capacity.
Even some flights were diverted because of the police activity for the McCarran International Airport which is at the east of the Mandalay Hotel, and there were people fleeing towards the airport runway after the shooting.

The hotel was immediately put in virtual Lockdown as per the guests.

The ROUTE 91 HARVEST FESTIVAL is a three-day country music on the Vegas strip and Sunday night was the last night of the special. The concert sites the Las Vegas village and Festival Grounds, run by MGM resorts, sprawls over 15 acres and has a capacity of 40,000 people. As per the festival’s website, aforementioned year’s three-day was sold-out.