Jim Carrey the Man who made us Laugh by his extraordinary performance in the movies like DUMB AND DUMBER, BRUCE ALMIGHTY, LIAR LIAR, KICK-ASS 2, has been claimed on introducing CATHRIONA WHITE his EX-GIRLFRIEND, to cocaine, prostitution, mental abuse and disease? in her letter she wrote prior to 2015 suicide.

JIM CARREY is set to face trial in the civil suit over death of his ex-girlfriend after a judge refused to dismiss two wrongful death lawsuits filed against the actor.
According to documents, a 20-day jury trial date has been set for April 26, 2018. A meditation status conference was also scheduled for Sept. 21, 2017.

Currently, MARK BURTON (White’s estranged husband) and BRIGID SWEETMAN (White’s mother) are claiming that Carrey used a false name to get the drugs that White used to kill herself, and provided it to her despite knowing that she was prone to depression and had previously attempted suicide. Not only that they are also alleging that Carrey gave her “three STDs without warning her”

Avenatti claimed in a statement that the note, “Written in Cat’s own words, shows the world how Jim Carrey treated her while she was alive and depths of his destructive behavior. We look forward to trying our case to a Los Angeles jury.”

In response, Carrey’s attorney RAY BOUCHER told, “this note helps establish the evidence that this was pure fraud, and that her lawyers and others were trying to establish basis for Jim int ultimately settling with her based on these false claims and this was part of her and her lawyers campaign to extort money from Jim and ultimately, he succumbed.”


The claims on Carrey had given her STDs has been threatened to “go to the press” by her attorney “with the participation and assistance” according to Carrey’s cross-complaint.
JIM also said that he felt that White was exploited by Marchino since the case was filed, and he felt the ‘depth of deception behind those false claims’ and that he will not give that a second time.

Avenatti replied that Jim wants to avoid the public knowing, is trying to accuse the innocent people. Followed by “his interview from a few weeks ago shows, the guy is incoherent and unhinged. He needs help.”