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Life doesn’t stay the same always, sometime you may have happiness and may feel like on the top of the world but suddenly after that, something really bad results. Well, this is how life is being balanced. Same happened to the people experiencing the Sunday night show of Jason Aldine Williams at Route 91 Harvest Festival. The thrill of country music was suddenly put to hush or rather to cries of terror, people try to save their time rushing here and there. So a scene of fear and torture just damaged off the night of musical enjoyment.


A gunman showered bullets down at the concert grounds from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas strip casino. His actions followed in killing 59 and 527 other wounded. It is also being called the bloodiest mass shooting in contemporary U.S. history.


On the night of action Jason Aldean was performing, he declared that he has decided to cancel their upcoming weekend’s show to show respect the victims and their family. He said that his fans mean everything for him and the people who became victims that night, so showing them respect he declared the cancellation of his trip is the accurate thing he also stated that it is an emotional time for all so they plan to mourn the ones we have lost and stay close to our family and friends.

Aldean was singing his one of the Hit song “When She Says Baby” he continued singing until he realized that the sound is of a gunshot after that he ran off the stage.

He also reassured to resume his concert from the coming week scheduled in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He shared that their first time back on stage will be a very intricate and emotional concern for them, but they will come above it together by honoring the people we all lost by playing their songs for them. And he supposes his fans to realize why they dropped this weekend’s turn and is sorry if anyone feels disappointed.

Jake Owen another country music singer shared the terrifying feel he had while he was hiding ‘neath a car with 20 other men, he shared the views of fright he saw in everyone’s eyes and everyone looking for someone to rescue them from this “act of evil” as said by President Trump.

No one ever want to witness in this kind of Acts, and the persons who did and to the victims of that night we pray for them and their family and hope these kind occurrences never happen over, although it’s an act of human killing humans and only can stop if the human’s thinking change, until that they try to be safe and keep protecting others.