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INDIAN’ remaking; has Kamal Hassan

There is zilch to deny that Kamal Haasan is one of most powerful actors in South Indian cinema. In South, people treat the movie stars or actors like a deity or some avatar. So, when the news that Kamal Haasan will be coming back in the Indian 2 got drooled, people got absolutely excited. As they should be, judging that Indian in 1996 received a lot of positive reviews and was a blockbuster in the Tamil film industry. Indian was also selected by India as its entry for the Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Awards in 1996 but was not nominated. The Tamil-Hindi bilingual crime thriller went on to win three national awards.

The film converges on an ex-freedom fighter turned vigilante, played by Kamal Haasan,circled on rooting out corruption and his son (also played by Kamal Hasaan because there was nothing better than father-son having the same face back in the 90s,’really ??!!??’), who is at the other end of the spectrum by promoting corrupt practices leading to some unpropitious events.

The movie ends with  Senapathy (Kamal) bolts to another country after killing his son Chandru (also Kamal). However, he vows to come back when exploitation raises its ugly head again.

The director, S. Shankar kept that ending with a possible remaking in mind or perhaps it was just a way to give hope to the public.

So, after 21 years since the release of Indian, the sequel will be under progress. The director, S. Shankar has been known as a pathfinder of vigilante movies in Tamil industry. And there is probably no one better who can develop the story of Indian from where he left because he himself was the writer of the original movie in 1996.

The timing of the movie might be just right as Kamal Haasan in the recent past has been pretty vocal about his political views. Kamal has expressed his thoughts on AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu. He has been making affirmations about the government’s malfeasance and inability to run the state efficiently. By doing this, he has always made sure he takes himself as a citizen trying become the voice of the ordinary men and not just some celebrity.


Now, with Indian 2 finally been endorsed and the plot is about a man raising again to take steps abreast the corruption, the movie is presumed to sell itself given the state of affairs in Tamil Nadu currently. The movie might be just a political bait played the creators but is it the gamble worth playing for?



Only time will tell.