Last 10 days have seen a lot of ugly truths been revealed about Hollywood. The talk of the town has been Harvey Weinstein. Until almost two weeks back, Harvey Weinstein was the co-founder of Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company and among the top producers in Hollywood.

Well, things have taken a massive turn as Harvey Weinstein along with being all the above-mentioned things, is also someone who has been accused of sexual assault, misconduct, and harassment by plenty of women in the show business.

The story broke when on October 5, 2017, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey published an exposé in The New York Times accusing Weinstein of three decades of sexual harassment of and paying settlements to several actresses, named and unnamed female, Miramax and Weinstein Company production assistants, temps, and other employees.

On October 10, 2017, Ronan Farrow reported in The New Yorker further allegations that Weinstein had sexually assaulted or harassed 13 women, and raped three of them. Farrow further added that he wanted to break this story earlier as well with the help of NBC news, but the network was under pressure of not taking any proper steps on this matter. Since the new york times published the article, many women have come up and admitted of being sexually exploited by Harvey Weinstein. The list of actresses includes big names like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Hynes and 20 or more actresses.

So what happens to The Weinstein Company now? Does it fall with Harvey? or is there a way Harvey can change turn his disgraceful acts into something?

I believe there is no way that Harvey Weinstein will get away with all the things that he has done so far. Probably, there is more information and encounters to be revealed with time.

On October 8, 2017, Harvey Weinstein was fired by the board of his production company, The Weinstein Company which he co-founded with his brother, Bob Weinstein.

His wife Georgina Chapman announced that she will be getting a divorce from Weinstein on October 10. On October 11, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts suspended his membership.

65-year-old Harvey Weinstein has lost his stature in Hollywood and it’s not so long before that justice is served. The influence of the media will play a vital role in doing that.

In a recent statement by the New York Police Department said, “Based on information referenced in published news reports, the NYPD is conducting a review to determine if there are any additional complaints relating to the Harvey Weinstein matter. No filed complaints have been identified as of this time.”

Hollywood is basically shocked to hear every story that is coming out day by day about Harvey Weinstein, who has already hired the best lawyers he could. Only time will answer the question whether Harvey Weinstein gets his accurate punishment or not.