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Kaya Jones, a former member of the American girl group and dance ensemble The Pussycat Dolls has claimed of being a part of a prostitution ring. Over the weekend, she posted several tweets on this and let the world know what was her side of the “truth”.

She was the member of The Pussycat Dolls from 2003 till 2005 and she rose to fame because of her ventures with the then-popular girl group.

Kaya Jones suddenly coming out and picking up this issue accusing others and admitting of being the part of the prostitution ring along with the other group members is pretty surprising for anyone who has heard and danced to The Pussycat Dolls tunes ever in their lives.

The serious allegations made by Kaya Jones was made by her in a series of tweets and apparently, that is the truth (Well, at least according to her). There hasn’t been any response from the other group members.

The tweets posted by the 33-year-old Kaya Jones on the social media website are as follows :

1. “My truth.I wasn’t in a girl group. I was in a prostitution ring. Oh, & we happened to sing & be famous. While everyone who owned us made the $”

2. “How bad was it?people ask-bad enough that I walked away from my dreams,bandmates&a 13 million dollar record deal. We knew we were going to#1”

3. “To be apart of the team you must be a team player.Meaning sleep with whoever they say. If you don’t they have nothing on you to leverage”

4. “Yes I said leverage. Meaning after they turn you out or get you hooked on drugs they use it against you.Correct.Victimizing the victim again”

5. “Why don’t we report it? Because we are all abused! I personally have been warned if I tell I will … you know end up dead or no more career”

The founder of The Pussycats Dolls, Robin Antin has denied all allegations made by Kaya Jones and there hasn’t been a word from the lead singer of the group, Nicole Scherzinger.

The Pussycats was founded by the choreographer Robin Antin way back in 1995 and was very active on hip-pop through the lates 90s and early 2000s. Kaya Jones, who also said that everyone who owned made them made money off their talents, left the group in 2005 and it can’t be guessed why she had been hiding “the truth” for all this time.