DC Cinematic Universe

Marvel or DC, the biggest rivalry between this two universe has always made their fans excited. Some being the followers of Marvel and some of DC is making the comic of the universe to come up with new movies and more intense and storytelling to satisfy their followers.

Marvel has successfully plotted their series of blockbuster and movies, which is slowly getting interconnected to each other and making its universe much interesting. Meanwhile, DC has also started to take its place by releasing8 movies like wonder woman.

DC universe always had BATMAN and joker classic combination. The performance by Heath LEDGER in THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) has made an imprint of art and dedication needed for that amazingly intense and ‘why so serious?’ a character from the comic.

It’s no secret that DC’s cinematic universe efforts have experienced some difficulties winning the heart of both fans and critics. The exception has been the most recent entry in the franchise: the largely standalone Wonder Woman, released earlier this year.

Now it seems like DC is learning from its past mistakes and successes. According to an extensive report by Abraham Riesman over at Vulture, Warner Bros. Send DC will be de-emphasizing the interconnected DC extended universe for future films, following a template set by Patty Jenkins’ blockbuster hit. It’s something that’s been hinted at before, with reports of the standalone joker prequel and director Matt Reeve’s conflicting statements on whether The Batman would be part of the official connected universe of films, but now DC Entertainment has made the change official.

DC has taken to follow “Gal Gadot” Wonder Woman, not Marvel and moving forward, DC is dividing its movies into two categories. Some will be the films that are still set in the DCU continuity as Batman V. Superman and Justice League, and they will allow the films to breathe, focusing on individual characters and specific vision of their respective directors rather cramming up everything into one strict ongoing narrative film. Wonder Woman the movie has helped Patty Jenkins to craft a unique movie that was wholly devoted to its central character.

As argued in a piece earlier this year, it would help DC look a way different from Marvel, whose notably terrible at keeping filmmakers that don’t fit into one narrow box of expectation. Look at Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man or Ava DuVernay passing on Black Panther for proof and we have Patty Jenkins and Joss Whedon, both of whom are now in charge of DC’s ingest sequels after disagreements with Marvel.

There will precisely be lent of opportunity for DC to correct its mistakes. Along with Aquaman and Justice League, Warner Bros has announced a growing slate that includes Shazam, Wonder Woman 2, Cyborg, Green Lantern Corps, Suicide Squad 2, Justice League Dark, Flashpoint, The Batman, Batgirl, Gotham City Sirens…. And that’s just getting started. According to Nelson and Johns, DC Entertainment seems to have a strong sense of what has been going wrong with its movie universe. Now it is time for the studio to show it knows how to do things right.