Ok, one of the most interesting topics for comic lovers is the 2017 cosplay on Comic Con. Yes right well first let us discuss what exactly Comic-con is,  it is a multigenre entertainment and is known as the San-Diego Comic-Con International. Well, it’s like a paradise for all the comic lovers and it involves animals too. It is held annually and is a Non-Profit filler. It was founded by a group of San Diegans in 1970 and was named THE GOLDEN STATE COMIC BOOK CONVENTION.Later on became popular as “San Diego Comic Book Convection”.

From the year 2003, they started a 4-day event at the San Diego Convention Center. The exhibitors, professionals, opening pre-registered guests for all the four days start to gather at the “Preview Night” to give attendees and see what will be available during the convention.

Not only these Comic-Con also covers the panels, seminars, workshop with the comic book professionals, they also present previews of upcoming feature films, and reviews sessions with games, comic books. This event consists of an award ceremony, Comic-con indipenentFilm festival which showcases short films or feature-length films which has no distribution or distribution deals, and then another topic is what we are going to talk about, It’s the Annual Masquerade Costume Contest.

Now this one is the first day in Comic-con New-York. This year it looks a bit different and is quite. While some families are just wearing store-bought costumes-the serious and creative ones are already on display.

Uniquely standing costumes has Batmans, a Tony Stark/Batman crossover and some of the Guardians of the galaxy, And couples of Jokers.

Talking about the really big crazy costumes in 2015 we had Iron Man Hulk Buster Daym! That costume just took over all the floor that year. In 2016 we had some of the eye snatching cosplay of the Suicide Squad. And on these year guessing on the variations of Dian, Wonder women may take over the cosplay.

Ok, lots of talks now please go through the pics of Comic-con’s cosplay gallery you will love it.